Can't sleep well? Do you want to know how to find a quality and good sleep hygiene? Follow our advice for optimal results!

In these times of sanitary conditions, we find ourselves more and more at home and are forced to work from our computer. Screens are a first factor that disrupts our sleep and our night cycle.

First, you will have to get rid of all the bad habits that interfere with your sleep.

  • First of all avoid coffee, tea, sodas at the end of the afternoon, these containing caffeine, which precisely blocks the sleep signal and keeps you awake.
  • Practice your sport during the day and not in the evening, the exercises wake up your muscles which will prevent you from sleeping well.
  • As you know, screens such as televisions, smartphones and computers emit blue light which is comparable to daylight. This one blocks melatonin receptors and keeps you awake, avoid exposing yourself to it at night!

The environment of your room is very important, a bedroom is made for sleeping, it should not be mixed with the living room for example!

  • Do not install a television in your room, and avoid watching a thriller. A good herbal tea will already facilitate your sleep phase.
  • Your bed, the holy grail of the room should remain the place where you only sleep. Of course do not exclude related activities such as sexual relations, small hugs... Activities such as reading a book or listening to music are also to be practiced out of bed, know how to keep a space in your sleeping area and your sleeping area. 'activity.
  • Room temperature plays a crucial role in your sleep, keep it at room temperature!
  • Silence is king! All disturbing noises such as the sound of a watch, or notifications from your phone should be muted. Nothing should disturb your sleep.

Keeping a balance is important for physical and mental health, if you feel tired don't force yourself to stay awake and head to bed. Follow these tips and you will see a real change in your night routine!